Thursday, June 30, 2011

Husband's Birthday Cards

The first card I made for my husband 40th birthday is a Harry Potter Card. It was easy enough once I found a SVG file by doing a search. I will admitt that not all the detail was added as the Cricut was having a hard time cutting the detailed. I really need a new cutting machine.

 This is the second card I made with my SCALS program and a file i got for $.50 at

 Mater Card I used a Cricut card. I haven't done that in awhile, but I fiured that I own the cart I might as well use it. I made it 6 inched tall. Then doing a lot of shading the card started to come to life. Without shading the cut file is boring to say the least.
 The final card I made is a tennis shoe. I found this SVG file for free at .

I was able to make all for cards in one day thank you SCALS and Cricut because this would have cost me $20 or more to buy in the store.

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