Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ice Cream Cake Pops

This last weekend got a little bored so the next thing I knew I was in the kitchen working away. It all started when i found these ice cream cones i had bought for my kids in the back of the pantry. So baking a white cake and letting it cool for about an hour I crumbbed the whole thing up and then add half a ca of store bought frosting to a bowl. after mixing it and massing it till it was all together I put it back in the frig for about an hour. Then the fun began I put a little in the cone and then made a ball that would fit on top of the cone. After I did this to 20 cones I put them all in the frezzer for anoth few hours. Then off to Micheals I went to buy pink chocolate. I already had spinkles and dark chocolate. Then I melted the pink chocolate and then put a ball in it coating the whole thing, then carefully placed in the cone letting it drip down the sides(makes it look like it is melting). before it got hard(had to work fast) i put the spinkles on. then I melted the dark choclate and dripped it on the top and then placed a red M&M on top like a cherry. Simple, fun, and yummy:).

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