Friday, June 24, 2011

Spiderman Birthday

My little boy turned five years old last weekend and he wanted a Spiderman party. So my wheels got a turnning and out came the games, cake, and decorations.
So lets start with the cake, I found a cake kit on which made making the cake really easy. the only problem was that I couldn't follow the directions just like they where sent so I changed a few things using fondant and buttercream.

the games are always the best party of a party so for this party everything had Spiderman. Starting with the Spiderman cupcake-walk. I cut out GIANT spiderman heads and put numbers on top of them. the children walked around the circle till the music stopped at which time a number was draw out of a bag and the person on the number won a cupcake.

Then I bought tatooes online of course my favorite store ebay again, and I found a punching bag and beach balls at the dollar tree. I had them out for the kids to do whenever they had time.

one of the favorite games is kill the bad guys, so I made posters of all the bad guys for Spiderman and lamanated them to hang all around the back wall. Then giving each child a can of silly string they ran around the yard shooting the string at all the bad guys. When they where done there were water balloons to throw at them as well.

One of the last game we played was I cut out 100 spiders with my cricut and hide them all over the backyard. Two of the spiders had red belly. The kids ran around the yard looking for spider, the kids who found the red spider won as well as the child who found the most spiders.

About a year ago I stopped getting pinata's and instead I put candy inside of balloons. It is a lot cheeper than the pinata. In order to do this you have the strech open the balloon and put the candy in before blowing them up. Then when time I carefully put the balloons on the grass and give each child a baggy. They run around the yard popping balloons and getting the candy.

party favors I think are my favorite part of getting ready for the party. this time I have fallen in love with making the m&m tubes which I did again with Spiderman on the top. Then hunting around everywhere found Spiderman gifts.

Everyone Had a Great Time!

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  1. Where did you get the spiderman pics that you used for the musical game and for the M&M tubes? Thanks!