Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dragon Birthday

My husband is turning 40 on the 4th of July and he really loves dragons. So for this years party I decided to go with a dragon theme.

The cake looks really hard to make but it was sooooooooooooooo simple.

the night before I melted orange chocolate and then piped the spikes, toe nails, and the wings. To make the wings look really magical while it was still warm I sprinkled some orange halloween sprinkes.

Then using the Wilton cuddle teddy bear pan I cooked a pound cake (very important to use a pound cake when doing a 3-D cake).

this is a close up of the cool wings. I think this is my favorite part.

Finially I cut the ears off and made rice crispy treats for the tail. Whipped up a batch of frosting and started having fun pipping the stars.

I love this pan there are so many different cakes you can make with it.

The newest thing out there right now is cookie pops. They are kinda like the cake pop but more labor invovled in them.

The first thing I did was bake sugar cookies into the shape of a heart. While they where cooling I drew the mouth into the cookie that way when I made the royal icing to decorated them I would have a guide line.

To make it a pop I used melted chocolate to glue the stick to the back of the cookie

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Husband's Birthday Cards

The first card I made for my husband 40th birthday is a Harry Potter Card. It was easy enough once I found a SVG file by doing a search. I will admitt that not all the detail was added as the Cricut was having a hard time cutting the detailed. I really need a new cutting machine.

 This is the second card I made with my SCALS program and a file i got for $.50 at

 Mater Card I used a Cricut card. I haven't done that in awhile, but I fiured that I own the cart I might as well use it. I made it 6 inched tall. Then doing a lot of shading the card started to come to life. Without shading the cut file is boring to say the least.
 The final card I made is a tennis shoe. I found this SVG file for free at .

I was able to make all for cards in one day thank you SCALS and Cricut because this would have cost me $20 or more to buy in the store.

Ice Cream Cake Pops

This last weekend got a little bored so the next thing I knew I was in the kitchen working away. It all started when i found these ice cream cones i had bought for my kids in the back of the pantry. So baking a white cake and letting it cool for about an hour I crumbbed the whole thing up and then add half a ca of store bought frosting to a bowl. after mixing it and massing it till it was all together I put it back in the frig for about an hour. Then the fun began I put a little in the cone and then made a ball that would fit on top of the cone. After I did this to 20 cones I put them all in the frezzer for anoth few hours. Then off to Micheals I went to buy pink chocolate. I already had spinkles and dark chocolate. Then I melted the pink chocolate and then put a ball in it coating the whole thing, then carefully placed in the cone letting it drip down the sides(makes it look like it is melting). before it got hard(had to work fast) i put the spinkles on. then I melted the dark choclate and dripped it on the top and then placed a red M&M on top like a cherry. Simple, fun, and yummy:).

Brother's Birthday

For my Brothers birthday this year I decided it would be fun to do a giant pengin. He is currently overseas in the middle of a dessert and I thought it might be funny for  a pengin to be asking where is the ice? Again I used my SCAL program to cut this SVG file which I found on If you haven't checked out her stuff yet you should I LOVE EVERYTHING on his site.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Spiderman Birthday

My little boy turned five years old last weekend and he wanted a Spiderman party. So my wheels got a turnning and out came the games, cake, and decorations.
So lets start with the cake, I found a cake kit on which made making the cake really easy. the only problem was that I couldn't follow the directions just like they where sent so I changed a few things using fondant and buttercream.

the games are always the best party of a party so for this party everything had Spiderman. Starting with the Spiderman cupcake-walk. I cut out GIANT spiderman heads and put numbers on top of them. the children walked around the circle till the music stopped at which time a number was draw out of a bag and the person on the number won a cupcake.

Then I bought tatooes online of course my favorite store ebay again, and I found a punching bag and beach balls at the dollar tree. I had them out for the kids to do whenever they had time.

one of the favorite games is kill the bad guys, so I made posters of all the bad guys for Spiderman and lamanated them to hang all around the back wall. Then giving each child a can of silly string they ran around the yard shooting the string at all the bad guys. When they where done there were water balloons to throw at them as well.

One of the last game we played was I cut out 100 spiders with my cricut and hide them all over the backyard. Two of the spiders had red belly. The kids ran around the yard looking for spider, the kids who found the red spider won as well as the child who found the most spiders.

About a year ago I stopped getting pinata's and instead I put candy inside of balloons. It is a lot cheeper than the pinata. In order to do this you have the strech open the balloon and put the candy in before blowing them up. Then when time I carefully put the balloons on the grass and give each child a baggy. They run around the yard popping balloons and getting the candy.

party favors I think are my favorite part of getting ready for the party. this time I have fallen in love with making the m&m tubes which I did again with Spiderman on the top. Then hunting around everywhere found Spiderman gifts.

Everyone Had a Great Time!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Valentines Day

I really got into valentines day this year by making my own valintines for my husband and my kids teachers. All using SVG files from (love these guys you should check them out). I hope they inspire you for next year:)


This past Halloween I decided to make a pumpkin day where the kids and I baked tons of thing from pumpkins. Of course the day started with a trip to the pumpkins patch to get our pumpkins. Thne we moved onto pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkins bread and pumpkin seeds. We where all really regular for a little while afterwords

Friday, June 3, 2011

Halloween Gift

In 2008 my brother and sister in law where living in Spain and I was missing my neice and nephew so I decided to be the BEST Auntie and I made a skirt for my neice and I found this really cute light up Mickey shirt for my nephew. I then got out my Disney Friends Cricut card and my Paperdolls Cart to create a matching card.

Thank you Card

This is a Thank you card I made for my mom ofr everything she did with helping us out with the kids. I made this about 6 years ago right after I got my first Cricut and I was still using the provo crafts carts. I haven't used a cart now in over a year, maybe I should revist some of them that I already own.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for my daughters preschool class so many years ago. Just thought that you might like them because all the kids love them.