Monday, May 30, 2011

New BIG girl bedroom

As a surprise to the girls I redid the girls bedroom this weekend. They have know idea that we bought them the new bedding. We started by getting rid of the bunk beds, if you ever decide to by them don't learn from me they are a pain the the butt. then we totally cleaned there room from top to bottom (ie. walls, windows, floor). Because I just can't have nothing on the walls I decided to cut out of plywood an A for Alyssa and a N for Naomi and then paint them to match there new bedding. Now all I need for for the girls to come home from grandmas for their surprise.

Out with the Disney Princess Bedroom

As a suprise for my two daughters my husband and I have been planning on redoing there bedroom. Before we did I took some pictures of the princess before removing them from the walls. They are cut outs from plywood that I did with my drimmel about 4 years ago and then painted. Each of the girls got to pick two princesses. When I cut them they where as tall as the girls where then, oh how they have grown over the years.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My baby boy is graduating from pre-school...which means that I just had to do something special. Recently I found on another blog where they where using these m&m candy tubes which you can find on ebay to make fun party favors. I thought perfect for the new little grads considering that my grad loves m&m's, I got to work. Again using SVG files I found on for free I cut the hats, then using one of my fonts on the computer did the letters.

Tangled Birthday

Disney new movie Tangled came out and my girls fell in love. Somehow I knew that I would be doing a Birthday at some point during the year and I was right. Alyssa decided that she wanted a Tangled party which ment I had to get busy working on party games and the cake. So the games first I made a pinata for the party really easy. I took an oatmeal can and painted it grey, then cutting up a sponge I used darker grwy paint to make the bricks on the tower and then painted the green vines and then glued flowers to the side. the roof is just construction paper cut in strips and the glued on a triangle.
Then we did a craft of latterns like in the movie. I went online and found chinnese latterns which I bought and then the kids used markers to decorate.
We played Tangled tug of war which i went to home depot and bought a thick yellow line then placing plastic flowers at the mid line. I didn't get any pictures of this but it was a lot of fun.

The Cake

This was a lot of work and I started working on the tower about a week before hand that way if it didn't work out I had plently of time. The tower is PVP pipe taped together and then rice crispy treats are on top to form the tower top. Using fondant I just started playing and decorating it till I thought it looked like the tower in the movie. When it came time to make the cake I baked a sheet cake and then in the board I put a really long screw which came up through the cake and then the tower could be slide onto it making sure the tower would not fall over.

Another wedding card

Here is another wedding card I did for one of my brothers friends who finally got married....

Friends Wedding

A few years ago I started making my own cards for everything. I decided that if a bride was sending my and invation to there wedding they must really like the colors and the paper that there invite was on. So I decided to take those invites and take them apart and turn them into my wedding card for there present. This is always so much fun and the bride and groom always really enjoy getting these cards and it is the one card that they all keep. More than once was told that they scrapbooking it into the wedding album. Here is the one that I did for my husband sisters wedding.

Easter Cake Balls

Recently I found cake balls, if you have never tried them wow you are missing out on something truely good to eat. After looking online I found out that they aren't that hard to make and there are so many differant ways that you can make them. For Easter I decided to try and make a cake ball that looked like a carrot that was made with carrot cake and had cream cheese frosting. YUM! Then for the top I used royal icing to make the leaves. Everyone loved them will have to keep making them.

Easter Presents for the Teachers

Like always a holiday means a time for me to give presents to the teachers. This is truly something that I love to do. This years for Easter I found these baskets again in the dollar bins at Target (got to love those bins). Since one of my hobbies is cooking and baking, along with paper crafting, scrapbooking, sewing, and a whole lot of other thing I got busy. I decided to make a recipe card and put in a pullout  with a chick on it again using SVG files from then baking the cookies on the recipe filled the basket and wrapped up.

Connors Birthday

Connor was here from Japan for his birthday this year, and my nephew really loves dinosaurs. I haven't bought a card now in almost two years so here was the challenge, how to make a card that he would love. After looking on the web and googling SVG files I finally found a dinosaur cut file that would work. Here is the web page where I found the dinosaur file   After adjusting a few things in SCAL I came up with a truely beautiful card that was hard to give away. I really like how I was able to get the banner with his name to stand out and you can see the shading detail underneath.

Easter Craft

With April came Easter and if you know anything I love to make decorations for the house. One day I was over a Target and in there dollar bins where these really cool egg lights. I could hardly believe my eyes, so I bought them just knowing that I could do something with them. After thinking about it I came up with a banner to hang over the BIG T.V.. So out came the Cricut (like I ever really put it away anyways). The white triangles where cut with foam so that it could last a few years and the rest I found these really cute SVG files at

Been Busy

So much has happened in the last month and I feel like I never had time to work on the blog. So here I am saying I will get to it and post some of the wonderful crafty things that I have been working on.