Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Feb 25,2011

It is sooooooooooo cold outside if it would just try and rain I think it might snow, hoping really hard because that would be neat.

Today I went to the scrapbook expo and had a really good time. I didn't get to may new idea, but I did learn that stuff that I cut all the time on my cricut people are will to pay out a lot of money for. It makes me really greatful for my cricut and all the money that I am saving.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Feb 25, 2011

This is my first try at doing this...I thought I might start a blog to share some of the crafty things that I do everyday with my kids and to just keep me busy. I have never tried this before so I have know idea if this is going to work.

A little about myself I am a mother of three children. I have two girls ages 9yrs and 7 yrs old they are only 15 months apart and most people think they are twins. Then there is the baby of the family my son who is 4 yrs old, he like to tell me he isn't a baby but a BIG boy. I also have a house filled with pets....two cats, a dog, and a HUGE tank of fish.

My wonderful husband who I have been married to for almost 10 years puts up with all my crafting. Things I like to do is sewing, cross stiching, crochet, painting, cooking, baking, and of course scrapbooking. Isn't everyone into scrapbooking:).