Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tangled Birthday

Disney new movie Tangled came out and my girls fell in love. Somehow I knew that I would be doing a Birthday at some point during the year and I was right. Alyssa decided that she wanted a Tangled party which ment I had to get busy working on party games and the cake. So the games first I made a pinata for the party really easy. I took an oatmeal can and painted it grey, then cutting up a sponge I used darker grwy paint to make the bricks on the tower and then painted the green vines and then glued flowers to the side. the roof is just construction paper cut in strips and the glued on a triangle.
Then we did a craft of latterns like in the movie. I went online and found chinnese latterns which I bought and then the kids used markers to decorate.
We played Tangled tug of war which i went to home depot and bought a thick yellow line then placing plastic flowers at the mid line. I didn't get any pictures of this but it was a lot of fun.

The Cake

This was a lot of work and I started working on the tower about a week before hand that way if it didn't work out I had plently of time. The tower is PVP pipe taped together and then rice crispy treats are on top to form the tower top. Using fondant I just started playing and decorating it till I thought it looked like the tower in the movie. When it came time to make the cake I baked a sheet cake and then in the board I put a really long screw which came up through the cake and then the tower could be slide onto it making sure the tower would not fall over.


  1. You forgot to add that we tied balloons to the lanterns to make them float.

  2. very true, but i didn't come up with that the kids did....sometimes kids are just to smart for me:)

  3. OH how cute!! I love parties! You did a fabulous job on that cake!! I am impressed!! Love the pinata too! Great job! I am filing this idea away in my parties folder!! ;)