Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dragon Birthday

My husband is turning 40 on the 4th of July and he really loves dragons. So for this years party I decided to go with a dragon theme.

The cake looks really hard to make but it was sooooooooooooooo simple.

the night before I melted orange chocolate and then piped the spikes, toe nails, and the wings. To make the wings look really magical while it was still warm I sprinkled some orange halloween sprinkes.

Then using the Wilton cuddle teddy bear pan I cooked a pound cake (very important to use a pound cake when doing a 3-D cake).

this is a close up of the cool wings. I think this is my favorite part.

Finially I cut the ears off and made rice crispy treats for the tail. Whipped up a batch of frosting and started having fun pipping the stars.

I love this pan there are so many different cakes you can make with it.

The newest thing out there right now is cookie pops. They are kinda like the cake pop but more labor invovled in them.

The first thing I did was bake sugar cookies into the shape of a heart. While they where cooling I drew the mouth into the cookie that way when I made the royal icing to decorated them I would have a guide line.

To make it a pop I used melted chocolate to glue the stick to the back of the cookie

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